Stable Monsters: Fantastic Beasts That Work For You

April 27, 2022

Randomly Roll What Beasts Do & Where In Seconds

  1. Stable - Mountkeep: rideable creatures in water, air or land - or used to propel an object like carriage-chariot-wagon.
  2. Owlery - Falconry - Aviary - Roost: Creatures deliver messages - oft stealthy, clever & small.
  3. Zoo - Live Menagerie - Showcase: Creatures meant for modelling, display, curiosity & interest. These creatures are not harmed physically, may double down on mental abuse.
  4. Monster Tank - Cage o' Rage - Moatmonster - 'Beyond Here Be Dragons': Monster kept and fed for sole purpose of being a bully, menace and threat to anyone / everyone. Shows owner's power & prestige.
  5. Breedery - Puppymill: animals sold for profit and also any other category. Breeders of both genders are often pampered on all levels in hopes for more young / litters.
  6. Barn / farming / Beast o' Burden: monstrosity-beast used for farming. A beast of burden can do thousands of things, but farming deserves its own category.
  7. Sport-gambling-fighter: creature bred to fight exact same species or similar match in a ring.
  8. Butchery - Storehouse: food, leather, textiles & other. Avian-types may survive longer for eggs.
  9. Slavery - Monsterbeast is sentient, Awakened or otherwise aware of inequality. Owner-caretaker may not know of this.
  10. Pet: these thing(s) are LOVED, no matter how fat, weird, twisted, miserable &/or useless... or in spite of.
  11. Kennel: co-hunters, partner in tracking, spotting, disabling &/or defeating targets. Treated well, often (partially) seen as pets, sometimes even as equals.
  12. Railbeasts: used as engine propulsion for large machines &/or draft creatures.
  13. Experimentation - alchemy, sorcery &/or aberration-mutation: testing of potions, mixing beast types ('owlbear'), magical radiation-curse effects.
  14. Punisher / gladiatorial / rite of passage / gauntlet: 'Feed them to the lions!' Used for punishing criminals, sentencing treason-mutiny, testing skill &/or coming-of-age trials.
  15. Racer - Trickster - skilled beast: mounted or not, these creatures do something extraordinary. A horse clop-counts, a monkey does tricks, a dog chases a stuffed bunny around a track.
  16. Components, magical: separate category for dragons raised to five years for parts, cockatrice feathers, basilisk vomit (alchemist can use bile to restore petrification for any creature or object), poisons from giant spiders and much, much more.
  17. Other Beast-Burden work: mining, dockyard, construction, demolition - any heavy lifting.
  18. Other transport work: providing lifts for tourists, bringing supplies to the war front, emergency keg-cask on a dog's neck,
  19. Guard Monster: creature smells &/or sees disturbances and makes noise.
  20. Who knows? I just can't think of more right now.

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