Refuse To Waste Your Garbage Rooms! Making Abandonment Fun Again.

April 24, 2022

Garbage, Refuse & Waste Areas Add To Your Game

Not only do most games forget about bathrooms, many forget that even golems need a place to toss unwanted, broken and discarded things. Here are some suggestions on how they are shaped and what is in them.

Where Does It Go?

  1. Recycled: The parts, organic, metallic or synthetic, are to be separated and made into other uses.
  2. Heated: this may add heat-energy to the area and surviving materials may be recycled.
  3. Organic decomposition:
  4. Washed Away: water, controlled or not, washes away detritus.
  5. Elemental Exposure: wind, beasts, sun, rainfall &/or microbial process.
  6. Dedicated monsters &/or creatures: oozes, garbage monsters,
  7. Servant-Workers: using an in-house race-species assures the job is done right ('no survivors'), the valuable recyclables are kept and the
  8. Combination &/or Outsourced: Some reliable worker or volunteer takes this stuff away.

What Kind Of Refuse?

  1. Abandoned creatures: humanoids, beasts, insects, genders, mutation-abberations - in any stage of health.
  2. Parts, Tools & Outmoded Devices: some or all of this may be salvageable by the tossers &/or their subservients. Example: destroyed zombies to be cleaned and turned into animated skeletons.
  3. Poop: the refuse is biological refuse.
  4. Unwanted Foodstuffs: 'food to one is poison for another'
  5. Stage Processing: extracted rock to mining sludge / ore to ingots, pelts to leather or parchment, etc.
  6. Intentional Destruction: torture, entertainment (gladiator-derby), ritual-sacrifice &/or use-consumption of original product-creature-thing.
  7. Crime & Punishment: 'dump' of creatures or things tossed due to ethical, religious or cultural phenomena. This goes for anything from book burnings to banished creatures.
  8. Poverty: Locals cannot perceive the things &/or creatures as having value.

List of Dumps, Dispensaries & Dung Heaps.

  1. Paranoid goblins: 'books steal your thoughts!' - a pile of abandoned spell books. They are afraid to burn them or even to look at them.
  2. Dead bodies: torture victims and death-penalty convicts end up dumped into a large recyclers for all the parts.
  3. A dragon dumps all of his or her crap (including adventurer tools & remains) into a massive ravine deep underground. Kobold sorcerers gather scales, egg shells & any dragon component for use or resale.
  4. An abandoned dwarven smithy runs itself via golems and various animated objects. Mined metals of minimal or no use (like gold and most gems) are left at the bottom of the stream that runs the power forge.
  5. Tortured spies: Hobgoblin takeover gives surplus of living humanoids. Many are of no value. They are assigned to gladiatorial, weapons practice (targets), food, slavery & sacrifices. All remains are dumped here.
  6. Sport thieves: spies pretending to be thieves (as a cover): take valuable resources from various noble families and then disposing of it all in the same place. They don't keep any of this evidence.

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