Oozes, Slimes & Jellies, Oh My! Making Fantastic Jello Campaigns.

May 4, 2022

Is it hard to make a campaign entirely of ooze & slimes? Possibly - but don't let that stop you.

Oozes are actually more stupid than plants. This makes it hard for anyone to get excited about them. Also, they have no treasure and they have no harvestable parts &/or components. It is also hard for players to feel heroic, powerful or even smart about them: a surfer riding waves has more 'clever' about them than a dude hacking apart Jello® with a knife.

So when you add these to a campaign i recommend you add them sparingly, have them as part of a trap or device, give them a use and make that thing-creature employing these things to be smarter than an animal. That said, you are welcome to make a whole dungeon about Just That Ooze Thang - but you may regret it.

With this in mind, here are the types of ooze that you may find in each of the seven rooms.

Entrance / Stairwell: Typically you want this to drop from above or even slide over and down into a stairwell.

Hallways: The Gelatinous Cube rocks 10' square hallways and is dangerously useless anywhere else. Other oozes can enter and leave through one or more girls

Main Hall: Possibly as food for something acid-immune?

Trades / Construction: Acid based creatures that can't get out of tubs are valuable for alchemy, metallurgy and numerous other applications. Acids and components (cleaning, etching, acid testing & more) can easily come from oozes. The chill-based brown mold can be useful for refrigeration.

Garbage &/or Torture rooms: Yes to both. Breaking garbage down is what oozes do. Also great intimidation tool.

Rest & Restoration rooms: Have you lost your mind? The religious rooms may use these beasts for sacrifices - fully dissolved bodies make resurrection more challenging.

Cultural Places: Possibly for challenges, gauntlets and public displays of cruelty-punishment.

Possible uses for oozes:

Traps: Even a green slime is lethal in certain conditions.

In & Out-side Clay Golems

Weird Weapons

Cleaners: Gelatinous Cube

Shock Troops

Weird Pet: Black dragons are immune to acid.

Creepy Zoo: Ideally this requires glass, stone & other earthen containers.

Player Rewards: knowledge (useful in-game or fun story), treasure (cash & magic) & feeling good (heroic, smart, powerful &/or sexy).

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