Fantastic Kraftwork: Trades, Goods & Magical Manufacture

April 28, 2022

All sentient beings are tool-users doing MasterKraft - but what is it?

  1. Smithy / Forge / Refinement: This includes weapon / armour manufacture, farm & utility tools, beast of burden / farming tools, armour, mint (coins), jewelry, cutlery,
  2. Earthenware / Stoneware / Porcelain: bricks (houses), pottery (dishes, tool-parts, etc.), tiles and more. This one also includes mosaics, frescos, sculptures, architecture and pairs well with 'odd & rare materials' below.
  3. Woodworks / Carpentry: Furniture, cabinets, shipyards, houses, magical wood topography ('bent wood / still alive'), carriages and more. This one works with sculpture, wood golems, siege weapons, twisted (possibly living-growing) tree tools, devices and structures. Note that village-sized trees (that may or may not be sentient &/or ambulatory) fits into this category.
  4. Tannery - Furs, Leather & Vellum: Casters, rogues, enchanters and others need this trade. The non magical version of this stinks: most tanneries were banished outside of the city walls.
  5. Cloth / Tailoring: Ropes / Sails / Packing: Wool can include any animal fur long enough to be woven. Linen can include cotton & other grass-fibres like bamboo, hemp, ramie, flax and magical grass / bushes trees of any kind. Matches well with tannery.
  6. Paper (plant fibre, skin & wood fibre):
  7. Butchery / Harvest - processing after any kind of farming.
  8. Bakery / All Grains: corn, wheat, barley,
  9. Odd & Rare Materials: Rubber, Goldsmithing, Stain glass,
  10. Brewery: wines, beers,
  11. Chemicals / Alchemy, Minerals (gems) & Energy (oil, gas & mana):
  12. Farming: plant & animal husbandry: Beyond the 'farming' table elsewhere, this includes

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