Even Monsters Need Safety: Sanctums, Sleeping & Salves.

May 1, 2022

In this room-space you need to know which of the Big Three you want to work with. Groups of humanoids need places to sleep, relax and do family-time. Unlike living creatures, undead, sentient items and golems also need their own kind of spawning rooms. All sentient creatures need some kind of place to connect to their sense of mystery: be that a god, meditation time or just a quiet space to regather and refocus.

1. Individual bedrooms: These are lucky monsters.

2. Open bedroom-hallways: semi-private yet connected, leading to a common area - may have low walls to give semi-privacy whilst lying down or thin paper-like walls to shield vision.

3. One massive bed-hall / 'longhouse': One. Big. Room. Or one small room and they pack in tightly.

4. Shelves or lofts on one wall: Similar to American prisons or some tunnel-catacombs. Could have reclined sleeping spaces similar to an airplane. Undead may use standing sarcophaguses next to shelved bodies or even a drawer system like a morgue.

5. Tiers: The most wealthy and powerful on a higher position and each shelf denoting groups of increasingly less value. The higher up, the better the space.

6. Barracks: bunks (two to four beds high) in a line, arranged for simple function, easy cleaning, rapid instruction &/or deploy.

7. Child & Family Focus: community for both privacy and sharing so elders can all help raise children. May include schooling, simple trades &/or training for youth.

8. Tiny houses: On stilts, in pits with roofing (igloo), on a riverbed (beavers), in tunnels (ants) or even tiny beach houses or huts down a long cavern or gorge. Extra points for tiny houses on walls or over streams, like a bridge.

9. Floating: room-set (individual or clusters) on boat-like system (in water, on lava, in sand or in the air) that are capable of moving themselves. Wood elves Animate &/or Awaken trees with treehouses for rapid mobility.

10. Something Else: No idea, drawing a blank here.

Religious, Cult &/or Faith - Expression & Performance

  1. Large mass-class room benches, stools, carpets or other seating. Patriarch stands at front with alter. Symbols of faith down aisles, walls or pillars.
  2. Massive meditation chamber: may include chanting of few notes or simple (percussive) instruments.
  3. Sacrificial table in centre, cultists watch or support (chanting, adding blood, provide spiritual energy, whatever)
  4. flagellate &/or mutilate &/or put selves at great risk as proof of faith. Possibly taunt a weird tiny monster in a log (stuff your hand in like Flash Gordon, 1980), fight a champion in proof of justice or faith, or have to solve a dangerous problem like a maze or gauntlet blindfolded. Or diving into dangerous waters.
  5. Tiny chambers for individual rituals, like a baseball locker room. Also: alcoves,
  6. Exposure to a natural element: peak of a cliff, ledge near a waterfall, knoll near a pool, massive floating log on a lazy rotating stream, rock seats near a geyser, small hut near the edge of an abyss.
  7. A walk or ride. A path or vehicle takes worshippers on a specific route to observe and contemplate specific sculptures, frescos, writing / inscriptions, mandalas or other.
  8. Readings & Divination: leaders take some instruments that worshippers influence (bones, dice, cards, tea leaves, etc.) which is dumped on a spot and analyzed / explained.
  9. Surreal: worshippers take drugs (typically hallucinogens) which alter their perception. Specific sights & sounds are added to maximize results. Such intoxicated folks may project suggestion &/or illusion magic whilst so influenced. May include prophecy, accurate or not.
  10. Mutual Music: Crowd expected to contribute musically with loud chants, singing, or simple percussive instruments.

Hospital: Restoration, Regeneration, Rejuvenation &/or Renovation

1. Room of spawn: Wee ones under care with nursing (like bees) or abandoned from a sac (like spiders). Care done by elderly, handicapped &/or mildly defective members (with servants, slaves & beasts).

2. Standard open-area hospitalar: a place to get better! Possibly tubs (or tanks with special fluids), traditional gurneys, cots, hammocks,

3. Assembly room: construction of mummies, golems or even people. Gestation process may be done in test tubes, plant pods or otherwise.

4. Summoned: members are pulled through a mirror, portal, bottomless pit, fall from above or something else. Summoning accoutrements (massive rings, interconnected runes, special archways, crazy mists, illusions of what's-to-come, etc) encouraged.

5. Hag-like ritual: Members created by eating something or someone and the new member appears elsewhere (similar to reincarnation spell). Example: kobold becomes 'urd' and then 1/2 dragon and then rebuilding a used dragon egg fixed by gold leaf (kintsugi) with them inside of it. If successful, the urd becomes a wyrmling of the egg & kobold colour. Reincarnation rituals really work, especially non-humanoids.

6. Sacrificial chambers: Many undead spawn after killing a living person. Ghosts take possession of a humanoid until it drops to zero ('unconscious or dead').

7. Charged & Ready To Die / Bonsai: Elderly, wounded and broken people armed with diseases, poisons, explosives & flammables to be sent into enemy areas and die with 'honour'. In peacetime these people are left to die from ritual exposure. Magically powerful druids (lvl 9+) will reincarnate these individuals and learn about enemy numbers, tactics, locations and more.

8. Will Of The Gods: Healing tied to divine-gods-spirituality. Chanting, runes, sacred objects, sacred places, sculptures of important creatures (saints &/or outer planar beings), sculpture or henges of many materials (gigantic dragon bones, etc.). Landscape, lunar activity, time of day-month is spiritually interesting.

9. Rebuilding Tied To Magic: Nifty runes, henges of enchantment, lots of glowing stuff with weird sounds, strange mists & smokes, weird looking dudes, all that... Strange Magic stuff.

10. Specific Creature: Small group of powerful magical beings (like an ancient dragon) - sent on pilgrimage / judged as worthy or food or parts or sacrifice or whatever.

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