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May 1, 2022
Even Monsters Need Safety: Sanctums, Sleeping & Salves.

In this room-space you need to know which of the Big Three you want to work with. Groups of humanoids need places to sleep, relax and do family-time. Unlike living creatures, undead, sentient items and golems also need their own kind of spawning rooms. All sentient creatures need some kind of place to connect to […]

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April 28, 2022
Culture Rooms: How To Make Your Monster Fun, Interesting & Unique

Cultural spaces are tricky to explain. You can imagine that some creatures would have many communication-community style chambers and many would have none. Elves, for example (even the drow) would have all of these cultural rooms and more. Giants would have ancient traditions going back as long as their rivals, dragons. Celestials would encourage mortal […]

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April 27, 2022
Stable Monsters: Fantastic Beasts That Work For You

Randomly Roll What Beasts Do & Where In Seconds Stable - Mountkeep: rideable creatures in water, air or land - or used to propel an object like carriage-chariot-wagon. Owlery - Falconry - Aviary - Roost: Creatures deliver messages - oft stealthy, clever & small. Zoo - Live Menagerie - Showcase: Creatures meant for modelling, display, […]

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April 24, 2022
Refuse To Waste Your Garbage Rooms! Making Abandonment Fun Again.

Garbage, Refuse & Waste Areas Add To Your Game Not only do most games forget about bathrooms, many forget that even golems need a place to toss unwanted, broken and discarded things. Here are some suggestions on how they are shaped and what is in them. Where Does It Go? Recycled: The parts, organic, metallic […]

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April 23, 2022
Step By Step: Entering Your Dungeon - With Style

Making 'stairs' more than just a weird stone ladder. The function of stairs is to enter, leave or just to change one's level in the space. You will need to answer these four questions: Shape O' Stairs Stairs: straight up &/or down, single or dual, Shaft: ladder, elevator-dumbwaiter (cage/room), disk, open Switchback: straight or curved […]

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April 20, 2022
Know What Your Monster Wants - In Moments

Finding Alignment & Character Backgrounds difficult & unwieldy? Know What Your Monsters Want & It All falls into place. Gary Gygax invented two dimensions of sentient 'alignment' of one's personality: chaotic / lawful tendencies started in Basic and then in, Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, there was 'good / evil' spectrum. This was supposed to serve […]

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April 1, 2022
Zero To 60 D&D: Grinding Amazing Dungeons In Minutes

Throw Some Dice At A Sheet Of Paper = Game On! It's time to share the secrets behind making a dungeon in minutes. After reviewing decades of Lore of Yore, I made a 7-Die ultimate guide to share my best tips to help you make amazing dungeons. Ingredients - Game in Minutes, Please (G.i.M.P): Dice: […]

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