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Fantasy For Fun: Swords & Sorcery Comes To Life

When one tries out playing a game like Risk® or Monopoly®, one can usually learn the entire system as one puts the bits on the board. Imagine embarking on a game such as Dungeons & Dragons: it seems to require one to ten hard cover books worth of study in order to become even remotely good at it.

This is a lot to ask.


Gett Your Game On - Doable & Discoverable!!

In this guide you can pick up how to do role ‘playing’ in as little as a few minutes. Then, you can learn the basics of ‘combat’ in about the same time. Once you feel up to these two things you can run your own game with this simple overview. This website gives you all you need to know to play the game, how to use your character-role and how to run the game in minutes. If you try it (and like it), you can delve deeper with:

- SpellBinder: Guides For Magic Spell Casting 

- Bringing your monsters to life

- Black vs. White: Alignments Made Simple

- Enchanting Magic: Making Magic Items Feel Magical

- Giving Your Character Some Character 

- Writing an entire story campaign and a world in minutes!

- Keeping players motivated, interested and focused

- Who Writes The Story?

All this and more. 

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